K7 Vitality drive the sustained improvement of your employees health, wellbeing and performance
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K7’s flagship and most effective program. Balancing group learning with individual coaching sessions, ‘Empowered’ provides continued support throughout the period of change. Students are given specific and tailored guidance across key disciplines on how to create lasting change

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Provides the necessary core knowledge and customised guidance for students to make immediate and lasting improvements to their health. The course covers nutrition, fitness, motivation and other key areas for long-term success

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Health Audit

Designed to give organisations a better understanding of the health of their workforce. K7 provide insight on the physical health and needs of your workforce, driven directly from employee feedback and assessments. This allows you to better understand their needs and how to drive change

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Enviro Upgrade

Simple and effective ways to freshen up your workplace and enable a healthier, more focused workforce

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Relaxation Zone

In-house relaxation solutions to focus the mind and alleviate stress

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Energy Zone

Regular in-house exercise classes to boost energy levels, concentration and productivity

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Message from our founder

You've probably come across the saying "Take care of your employees and let your employees take care of your business". We believe it's time for every employer to take that philosophy to heart.

We see a growing trend of companies focusing on the wellbeing of their workforce. There is a very good reason for this.

Companies are realising more and more that investing in healthier employees is one of the most beneficial ways of developing their teams and their business.

- Ket Patel (Founder, K7 Vitality)

Did you know ?

Percentage of people have seen an increase in stress over the past 12 months
Percentage of people that feel excessive pressure at least once or twice per month
Percentage of men and women in the UK that are either obese or overweight
Percentage of adults in England claiming to be doing the recommended levels of physical activity