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We believe that all individuals can find a way to lead a healthier lifestyle no matter what their circumstance. The trick is knowing how to navigate the minefield of options and information out there – some good and some bad!

Reasons against being healthier are often related to lack of time, lack of money for a gym membership or personal training and difficulty finding healthier food choices. To this we say blah! 

We believe health is not conditional on being able to afford a gym. We’re not saying gyms are bad, just that they are not mandatory! We believe there are always ways to lead a healthier lifestyle within the time you have. Of course the more time you dedicate, the more you can achieve but we can all make healthier choices without taking up more time.

It’s very true that a lot of the food choices we are given are not the healthiest options by far but with the right knowledge, there are plenty of good options available.

Finally, we believe that healthier people perform better in all aspects of life. Including the workplace. They become positive contributors in many ways. They are less stressed, more productive, less sick, better communicators and they make better decisions with a clearer mind!


Naturally the subject of what it takes to achieve success is a little more complex but for the most part, we base our approach on three key pillars. In the majority of cases, mastering these (or even becoming a novice) will set you well on the way to a sustained healthier life.

Knowledge: To lead a healthy lifestyle, we must be able to make better choices. Not just every week or month but many times a day. The regular choices we make add up to a healthier lifestyle. Knowledge is critical in allowing us to make the right choices. If we don’t know what is better for us, option A or B, then we are quite likely to be relying on pot luck – and we’re not sure gambling with our health is a winning strategy!

Action: Now that we are armed with the knowledge to make better decisions, we actually have to see them through. Yes that’s right – you can’t wish yourself healthy just yet I’m afraid! Taking the right actions is about understanding your goals, motivations and focus. With the right focus and preparation, you will be able to choose the option you know to be right most of the time. After all, we are human!

Habit: This is when magic starts to happen! With the right knowledge and consciously better decisions, we begin to form better habits. Living a healthier lifestyle becomes that little bit easier each time a positive change becomes a habit. Before you know it, you are leading a healthier lifestyle rather than thinking about it…


Founder Ket Patel is a qualified personal trainer and lead tutor of K7 Vitality. His range of commercial experience across a number of verticals and sizes of business has given him a strong understanding of the various challenges faced in the workplace at all levels.

Ket has also faced and conquered the challenges associated with significant and sustained lifestyle changes including the healthy weight-loss of over 70 lb (31 kg) and building up strength, stamina and endurance for marathon distance running and beyond.

With the combination of a lifelong passion for sport and an adult career in various commercial environments, Ket began to see emerging patterns in the challenges people faced around their health, nutrition and fitness.

He has always had an innate desire to help people, demonstrated by his uncontainable ramblings on better nutritional habits and the benefits of running. This desire led him to continue investigating and understanding the driving forces behind both success and failure when it comes to people’s desire to live healthier.

This investigation coupled with his physical training qualifications spurned the creation of the learning structure that K7 Vitality now offer. The structure of K7’s solution is geared towards a lasting success that is driven by the individual rather than being dependant on external forces.

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