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Before we get to why you should choose K7, let’s talk about why you should build a healthier workforce.

There are substantial and proven benefits of investing in employee development programs such as communication, time management, emotional intelligence and leadership.

The ability of any individual to effectively apply their experience and skills in the workplace is underpinned by their physical health and fitness.
Performance benefits of a healthier lifestyle are numerous and clear. They include:

  • Improved energy and motivation throughout the day
  • Improved and sustained levels of concentration
  • Stronger resilience to workplace stress
  • Reduced likelihood of time off due to sickness
  • More self-confidence through a stronger sense of personal achievement
  • Less likelihood of performance degrading, minor ailments such as back pain, coughs, colds and headaches
  • Positive impact and influence on surrounding team and piers

A healthier lifestyle allow employees to perform closer to their best more of the time by making better use of the two key reasons they are the lifeline of your organisation – their time and their experience.



Wellness initiatives have demonstrated strong success in many workplaces. However, many organisations still have barriers to successful implementation such as:

  • High costs and low return associated with perpetual programs
  • Lack of personalization to address individual needs and challenges
  • Uncertainty regarding employee engagement levels with a program

The K7 Vitality program has been specifically designed to allow organisations of all shapes and sizes to overcome these barriers and benefit from improved employee health and performance. Benefits of our flagship “Empowered” program include:

  • Simple, quick-launch and voluntary program with no initial setup costs
  • Minimum time taken out of the working day to minimize disruption
  • Short-term program to support habitual change rather than ongoing dependence
  • Designed to teach and enable employees to effectively manage their own health
  • Tailored program to address individual needs for maximum effectiveness
  • Delivered by professionals with practical experience of workplace challenges
  • Access to ad-hoc specialist guidance for the duration of the program


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